Going out with technology

Dear people, the end of this minor has come. For the last assignment we, Roel Vossen, Roel Koeleman, Maarten Kleve and Karin Jans, sat together to make one final blog for the end event. We are very excited to share this with you guys! We have been assigned to the evening committee for the end event. The two things we have organized are a dinner and a pub tour. That’s the reason why this blog is related those two things together with technology of course.  We start off by talking about dinner and technology and then we switch to beer/going out and technology. In the beginning we thought there was just a little connection between technology and these two, but then we did some research and we found out that actually there is a lot to share with you guys! So sit back, relax and enjoy the ride!


Going out for dinner, we have all done that once right? Together with family, friends or just with the women/man that you love. We are hungry and choose a restaurant that we like to go to. You come in, pick out a table (if you didn’t reserved one yet) and sit down. Than you just wait till the waiter comes by so you can order and after that the waiting begins till the food arrives. Normally during or in between this you talk with the people your with, we think almost everybody does. Going out for dinner is a social thing if you ask us. But what if the experience of going out for dinner is totally changed due to technology? Well there is a dinner serving company that has given that a try.

In America there is a restaurant which is called Pizzahut and as you might guessed already, you can eat pizza over there. Imagine you sitting in a pizza restaurant. Normally a waiter comes to your table and takes your order as we said before. If you want something extra on your pizza you tell the waiter. If you do not want some ingredient on your pizza you tell the waiter as well. The waiter walks to the kitchen with your order and tells the chef(s) what pizza you want and they start making it. This is the way you expect it in a normal restaurant… But people we live in 2016 now and Pizzahut thinks this is so outdated! That is why they did something entirely new as you can see is this video. We think this is pretty cool! Pizzahut created a prototype to change the way of ordering and having dinner. They want to give their clients a totally new experience when it comes to going out for dinner and we think they did this really good by using technology. When you sit at the table you can create your own pizza with ingredients you want. Just watch the video to understand how it works. Making your own pizza is not the only thing you can do on the table, you can also play games while waiting. Very handy when your date is boring, or you do not know what to say to the person in front of you (although we can’t imagine that…). But after we watched the video we have one question that remains. Does the pizza fly towards the table or is it being brought by a waiter? We can imagine that with this kind of technology the pizza is being brought by a robot. And yes, that’s also already happening.


Pizzahut isn’t the only restaurant that has made a big change with introducing technology. Another example we want to mention is this restaurant in China. China and Japan actually have a few restaurant where robot waiters are being used. The main reason they do this is to save costs on employees. They invest in this one time so it saves them money in the long term. But what do you think of this? Would you go to a restaurant like this? We definatly would just for the experience of being in a restaurant with this technology (same as for Pizzahut). But we also see the downside of this because this is another example of robots taking over our jobs. Due to this investment, this technology, people have lost their job. But that’s not the only thing. We also think that we would rather like a real person to come to us instead of a robot. We just like the human contact. With this invention we might lose that entirely within a few years. So this is some stuff to think about, isn’t it? Let us know what you guys think! To finalize the dinner and technology subject we give you one more article with a few examples.

Sam And Cat Robot Restaurant Open For Business

Now that we had a good dinner in a high-tech restaurant it is time to go out and party! And what is a good party without our golden friend with the white collar in a glass? Nothing right? Yes, we are talking about beer of course. The question we received of our teachers was as following; how did the production of the beers we are drinking changed due to which technology? Well we think we’ve found the answer. The production of beers actually changed a lot through the years. This article of first we feast says it all really. You can see how it changed through the years due to technological inventions all the way till 2015. We think main reason for the change in the question above is the introduction of robotic lines in the brewing factories. Without this technology we wouldn’t be able to get our beers so easy and quick. Brewers can produce on such a big scale thanks to this that we find it normal nowadays. The Netherlands are actually second in the world when it comes to exporting beers. They exported for 1,6 billion last year! Only Mexico is better. Also the thing that is quite interesting is that when it comes to getting the beer into the bottles no humans are needed. It is all done by machines and robots as you can see in this video of the Heineken production line. Humans are the most important when it comes to brewing the beer, but after that it’s mostly technology that does the work. So no beers at the party without technology!


We had a good party and it is time to head home. Because everyone has to separate to their homes late at night it can be a bit scary or make you feel unsafe… No problem because the solution lies again in technology! With the so called “Never Walk Home Alone” app of Companion you can feel secure. In this video you can see exactly how it works. Just by using the application on your phone you contact a friend that can see exactly where you are. You also can stay in touch with messaging or calling. Everyone can have a safe trip home and go to sleep. Sweet dreams, thank you all and just as the Dutch (especially the people in Eindhoven) would say….




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