The last ride

Dear readers, this week the time has come for my last blog of this minor Future Your Work. It has been a good ride with you guys but now the end is in sight. It took me a while to come up with a good subject to end the blogging with, but I think I’ve found an enjoyable one. And yes, if you are thinking about a movie (a movie that could have made some real men cry at the end) when you are reading the title, you are thinking in the right direction! This week’s blog is about the kind of employees we love watching doing their jobs. I’m talking about actors of course. I personally love watching movies or series in my spare time and I wonder, who doesn’t? Denzel Washington, Morgan Freeman and Tom Hanks are some of my favourites. But what is the link with technology then I hear you think… Well I can ensure you they have much to do with technology when they are working nowadays and that’s awesome if you’d ask me.


That brings me back to the title “the last ride”. It refers to this being my last blog, but also to the hit movie Furious 7. It was the last movie of the series Fast & Furious (although I did read on the internet that Vin Diesel confirmed a new movie) and you might not have seen it but if you didn’t you must have heard the movie soundtrack “See you again” by Wiz Khalifa, which has been on top of almost every hit chart all over the world. The film got a lot of attention because one of the main actors, Paul Walker, sadly died in a car crash when they were still busy filming the movie. Now there were a lot of scenes they still had to film but Paul wasn’t there anymore. They solved this unfortunate problem with the help of technology.  They now used Paul’s brother instead and with the help of computers they managed to reconstruct Paul’s face onto his brother. They just used images of Paul in old movies and with the help of a CGI program they reconstructed it. To give you some visuals I added some pictures of this. First you see Paul (on the right) and his brother in the first picture and in the second one you see how the reconstruction went.

walker3f-1-web      AD-Paul-Walker-CGI-FF7

This is just one example of technology that influences the world of actors. But there are many, many more to think of. Because I want your view to be wider than just one example I did some collaboration with my classmates again. For this week I collaborated together with Karin and Maarten. We brainstormed together on what influences technology has had on the movie industry. By doing so I created a web with all kinds of examples. This made it a lot easier for me to prepare my blog. Now I could just choose what I would like to share with you guys. I want to thank Karin and Maarten for helping me out!

This artcle of Charles Matthau on Wired (2012) gave me a great overview of the influence of technology on filmmaking. And believe me, there is much more to find on the internet about this subject. Technology has certainly made a huge impact on the filmmaking industry and also changed the work environment of actors. Most of it is thanks to the computer and graphical programs that directors and producers use to edit movies. It is especially handy when you are making sci-fi movies. Maybe you have seen the movie Avatar. This whole movie is filmed inside one studio without getting outside! At that time, this was never been done before. Actually, never before has there been used so much technology in one movie. Here is a short Youtube video showing you how they made it. Really weird to see if you’d ask me but I’ve seen the movie and the end result was stunning! Like in many movies, the green screen also played a big part in the making of. Actors just play scenes in front of a big green screen and later they add the background they want by computer. Also the face dots (see picture below of Davy Jones in the Pirates of the Caribbean) are very important. With the dots they can pick up the facial expressions of the actor to later add this to the computer animated version. Great stuff but it certainly does change the work environment of actors!


A last thing that has to be mentioned is that it also works vice versa. Movies have a big impact on technology too. Just watch/read this TEDblog (2013) and see for yourself. Movies as Star Wars, Back to the Future and many more have inspired us to created new technology and think bigger. The hoverboard is a nice example because now in 2016, we are actually close to realising this. And I really think that there is lots more to come that we thought was only to be seen in sci-fi movies.

To conclude I really hope that you enjoyed my last blog. I certainly enjoyed making it because of my love for movies and series as I said earlier. I’m preparing myself for the next Game of Thrones season which comes out in April. And if you know Game of Thrones, you know it also would be nowhere without technology. Besides enjoying the blog I hope you learned something aswell. Maybe it even gave you new insights about the movie industry.  I certainly learned by making the blog, but that goes for all the blogs I’ve made. I wish you guys all the best in the future and perhaps we meet again, but for now I’m off because I’m going to watch a movie!



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