Robots taking over

Hello people!! Glad to welcome you back on my blog. This week I’m going to continue writing about technology that is changing our world. Last week there was the story about robots used in war, a great thing if you asked me! But this week I will share my thoughts on robots we are seeing more and more. Robots in daily life, made to make life easier.

Nowadays we are seeing the first signs of them emerging and this raises a lot of thoughts. I don’t know about you but I’m really thinking about this subject. The first thing that struck my eye is that they are taking over people’s jobs. People like me and you are losing their jobs to robots. Is that what we really want? This robot-revolution started with the main thought of making life easier. I was reading these articles about why people made robots in the first place and believe me, almost all the time it’s because they want to make life easier. Maybe this is because we humans are lazy creatures of nature…? Of course there are also robots being made for fun, to battle against other robots for example. Think about the Robot Wars show of the BBC (if you haven’t heard of it, look it up, great show!). But the main reason why they are made is to make life easier or more enjoyable.

Last week I gave the example of robots being used in warfare. This is a positive development I think because it’s preventing people from dying in war. With robots in daily life there are also a lot of positive sides. Think about a robot mowing your lawn whenever you want or a robot vacuuming your room. These robots are already available and they are making the household a lot easier. But it goes even further then your home environment. When you go to public places there is a big chance you will see some robotics too. This is still in an early stage though, but it’s getting there. Take Schiphol Airport as an example. It is the biggest airport in the Netherlands (based in Amsterdam) and I can ensure you it’s a very busy one… This week they started using a robot to guide people around the airport to gates! Very handy and easy of course. I think that we are going to see more and more robots in public places as of today. It’s inevitable I think because we keep developing with the years passing. But it’s not all great stuff.. I think this change also has a downside.

I have talked about it already briefly but these robots are also taking over our jobs. Think about this robot at Schiphol. It’s great that they have one but it also contributed to someone being fired. Is that what we want? It isn’t easy to get a job nowadays, so to lose yours is a big blow. And the second thing I wonder is, is this robot doing the job better than a human could? Even better, think about Moore’s law. This law basically says that hardware will get smarter within time. What if robots outsmart us humans at some point? I guess these are some examples of  questions that could be the start of a great discussion. I would like to hear from you guys what you are thinking and I look forward to write to you again next week. And keep in mind, robots are taking over!!



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